Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Delhi

I was kind of planning on skipping blogging about New Delhi as I really didn't do much there.  Angela was there for one night and then flew out and I was meeting up with my yoga training group near the airport to take a bus up into the Himalayas, so we stayed near the airport which meant we weren't near anything else.

However, I took the metro into the city after Angela left and walked around a bit. I went into this underground market and found all kinds of cool stuff. Including a tattoo shop...You know what they do in tattoo shops... pierce noses!

I checked out the place, very sterile. I saw a box of medical grade rubber gloves and asked to see the needle they would be using. First they tried to show me one that wasn't in its package. I told them that wasn't going to work for me and got them to pull out the ones that were in original sealed packaging. I made sure the package was completely sealed all the way around and then had the guy put his gloves on and stick the needle through!  So finally, my nose is decorated. Muslima offered to do it for me in Bangladesh, and I think the tradition in those areas is mother's (or family members) just do it for their daughters at a certain age, but I knew that wouldn't be sterile and Muslima probably would have enjoyed hurting me slightly since I gave her so much trouble with my diet and all...

After my nose stopped bleeding I took off for Jantar Mantar. It's a collection of astronomical instruments, so they apparently allow you to tell time, date and season without a watch based on how the sun is hitting them.

I took the metro back to my hotel with plans to go out again the next day, but ending up spending the whole day just relaxing in the hotel. The following morning I had to get up super early to meet my group of yogis at another hotel near the airport where we would board a caravan of buses to take us into the Himalayas.

I went into the hotel and found a large group of people waiting in the lobby with lots and lots of luggage. I found one woman sitting alone, so I walked over to her and asked if she was going to the yoga training. She was so we sat together to wait for our buses.

My new friend Tanja is from Switzerland (the German speaking part...AWESOME) but her English was really good so we spoke in English. We waited for a couple hours before the buses finally arrived and were ready to load up, so we had a lot of time to talk. We decided to stick together and sat next to each other on the bus. The bus ride ended up taking 14 hours and on winding Himalayan roads. Luckily, everyone on the bus was prepared and had travel sickness meds, so most of just passed out the whole way. Tanja and I included. In fact at one point I woke up and found Tanja cuddling up with me. ( I like to tease her about that). She was there for her first yoga training so she was doing the TTC course, while I was doing the ATTC course (advanced training) which meant we would not have classes together once we reached our destination, luckily the meals were split up for German and English speakers to eat at the same time and French and Spanish speakers at another time, so our friendship continued through training, but that's a story for the next blog...

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