Sunday, June 2, 2013

Coincidence, Fate, Destiny,'s all about how you view things...

Aloha! I've been back in Hawaii for exactly one month now, and what a month it has been. It's truly amazing how the universe aligns sometimes. I can't seem to say it enough and I think it's because I'm having such a hard time believing it myself. The less I try the more things just work out.

One of my first days back I went to one of Courtney's (my roommate) yoga classes because I was going to be subbing for her when she left town for a few days. As one of her students walked up, my heart jumped into my throat, it was one of the few people I really didn't want to see. Actually, it wasn't him necessarily that I didn't want to see, but a mutual friend we had shared. However, in talking to him, I learned that our mutual friend had left the island and would no longer be around and I would have no need to worry about bumping into this person. So in the end if felt like a sign once again that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be without anything to worry about.

Another evening I headed into Kailua with Courtney, she was teaching a yoga class but I wanted to get some vegetarian goodness from Down to Earth so I went shopping while she taught. I finished a little early and walked back to the studio. Outside waiting for his significant other was a military guy who started talking to me because he had seen Courtney and I show up when he was dropping his wife/girlfriend off for the yoga class. He was asking about Kailua and said they had just arrived as he was stationed out here in the Navy. They weren't sure which side of the island they were going to choose to live on yet. We chit chatted for a bit and started talking about yoga and India and my plans to try to make ends meet by just teaching yoga, no other job. He had mentioned a few things about religion throughout the conversation so I was sort of writing him off but politely listening. Don't get me wrong here, I definately believe in a higher power and am a spiritual person but organized religion rubs me the wrong way and when someone starts quoting the bible to me, I tune out. He started telling me about a book called "Busting Loose from the Money Game". At this point I was still only half-way listening. He went on about another book called the 11th element and then this dude got really weird on me. He was talking and then was like "there! did you feel that?"  and I was like "feel what weirdo?" to which he replied "that calmness, it just came through". Now my head is going "this dude is off his rocker!" I didn't feel anything and I let him know it. But before we parted ways, my intuition was screaming at me that I needed to ask this guy what he did in the Navy. For some reason he chose to tell me the truth when he really should have lied. Special Ops. I knew it! I don't know why he chose in that moment to tell me he was part of SDV1 opposed to a medic or diver or anything else he could of made up, but because he trusted me, I trusted him at least enough to go home and download the book on my kindle.

This book is crazy and makes me question my own sanity because it makes sense to me. The book title again is "Busting Loose from the Money Game" and while you can apply the tactics involved to monetary issues, it applies to any part of life. I don't feel like going into too much detail about the book but it goes into quantum physics and talks about our True Nature or True Self. Some of you may be intrigued and choose to read it, others will skim over this and blow it off. However, for me this book came at exactly the right time, and seems to explain a lot of questions I've had in my mind lately.

Additional "coincedences" I've seen this month:

As the teacher training I was working on came to a close, the studio lost one of their teachers and suddenly there were several regular classes available for me to teach, just when I needed them...

I wanted to offer a yoga class at the Hawaiian Humane Society (they had been looking previously, but I lived too far away at the time). My connection that had initally mentioned it said there had been some turnover and she didn't think that the people who had been interested were there anymore, so I abandoned the idea. Then yesterday, Courtney took me to a farmers market in the morning, and dropped me off for my yoga class where I normally would have ridden my bike, so I walked home. Walking home I decided to stop in Sephora for some cruelty free nail polish. When I left the store some women with green shirts that said Hawaiian Humane Society on them were coming in with balloons (must have been doing some sort of promotion or pet adoption). I thought to myself this is too weird. I stopped and asked if they had any interest in yoga and one of the ladies was like "that was me!  I was looking for a yoga teacher to come to us a while back but we never got anyone!" I introduced myself and handed her my card. All the things that had to fall into place for me to be in that store in that exact moment... not coincidence. Maybe like the woman from the Humane Society said "it's Fate".

Small but still significant- My first trip to the grocery store after arriving, they happened to have my favorite beer available. I rarely drink, and it's even more rare that I would buy beer to have at home especially after my 6 month hiatus of drinking. This is significant because it's a seasonal beer and they only sell it until it's gone. It's made by Kona Brewing Company and it's called "Pipeline Porter" with 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee. The coffee flavor in this beer is amazing!  I bought a 6 pack and the next time I went to the store it was sold out. I still have one bottle left...okay, maybe I'm stretching it a bit now, but hey, it's all in how you view things right?

The coincidences continue and I know there are many more positive changes to come. For now, I just like watching my life move before me as if it's a movie on a screen and patiently waiting to see what positive thing will come my way next.

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