Friday, October 11, 2013


I am doing pretty well on my journey to not spend money for the rest of the year.  A big factor in that is that I have no money to spend! While this is slightly frustrating, I am able to see the lesson within it. For starters, nothing I can purchase is going to bring me happiness. I am happy just as I am whether it's teaching a yoga class, giving a reiki session, working on my thesis or chatting with friends. I don't think I would be any happier right now, and in fact maybe even less so if I had more money.

Not having money is a great way to learn how to be a better saver. I am confident that eventually money  will find its way to me again, when it does, I now know that I am not reliant on it for happiness. I look at all the items sitting in my closet that I never wear. Yet when I purchased each of those items I thought to myself "if I just had this dress, I will be happy" or "if I wear this when I go out to this event, my friends will be impressed". The truth is, nobody cares. Sure compliments are offered up but wouldn't those same compliments be offered if I was wearing something I already owned instead of some new piece? I think they would.

Right now I am following my passion, trying to create a career in the yoga field where I don't have to rely on another source of income. It takes time to build a practice and build steady students especially when I live in one of the world's most touristy places. Yet, I will stick with it. I don't need to make a ton of money, just enough to pay the rent, a cell phone bill and groceries.

Speaking of rent...In my last post I mentioned that I wasn't sure if I would be able to pay September's rent in full. I wasn't able to. Luckily my landlord is very nice and understanding and was willing to wait until my student loan check arrived for the second half of September's rent.

It just goes to show that there is always enough. If we have fears or anxieties (as I did about telling my landlord I couldn't pay), they are usually created within ourselves and not based on any truth. I am being put through a test at the moment to relearn how to react to situations. While I react and evolve I am able to shut off the power attached to these fears that I have created within myself. Abundance will come in more ways than one, in that I am completely confident. 

Butterflies are free to fly...

As a distraction while I should be writing my thesis, I have found several new books to lose myself in. Mostly they are books on yoga or the chakras as I strive to make myself a better yoga teacher with each passing day.
While looking for a book that was recommended to me by a student "The Celestine Prophecy" (which I haven't gotten to yet), another book jumped out at me. On the cover was a blue butterfly, and if you've read my blog post "The Journey" then you understand that butterflies have become my totem animal. When I first judged the book by it's cover and saw the title "Butterflies are Free to Fly" I thought, why do I need to know about butterfly flight patterns, but as I looked closer I saw the sub-title: a new and radical approach to spiritual evolution, I thought this book might have something I needed after all. The best part is...It's FREE!
So while I should be writing about a Social Impact Assessment on an eco-resort in Bangladesh, I am busy reading about spiritual evolution.
The book discusses Quantum physics and how that applies to life, and questions life in general. Are we real? Are we holograms created from an infinite source of power, abundance and love? How do we live our lives without suffering and pain? What is the key to life?
As Robert Scheinfeld was this authors (Stephen Davis) mentor at one time, the book is very similar to the book I talked about in "The Journey", "Busting Loose from the Money Game" . Thus speaking of a holographic universe and the need to show appreciation and gratitude. While I ultimately enjoyed the message from Busting Loose, it left with me some questions, such as how do we relate to each other if we are all creating our own holographic worlds. Davis takes it a bit further and seems to fill in the gaps that left me confused at the end of Scheinfeld's book.
While I am not finished reading yet, the message is good and well explained with lots of science to back it up.
If you choose to read this book based on my recommendation, just keep an open mind and remember that truth is just an opinion. Once upon a time it was "true" that the world was flat and the Earth was the center of our Solar System. Who knows when our current "truths" will be proved wrong. As humans (whatever that means and entails) we are constantly learning and evolving.
Read this book, and see where it takes your personal evolution...